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As systems become increasingly distributed, enjoy the simplicity of zero-touch installation and operation.

Our solution doesn’t force you with a hardware lock-in; Our agent has an extremely low footprint, means it can run efficiently on multiple platforms.

By connecting humans and machines to cloud-based applications, we enable seamless, secure network connectivity.  

Gain control and manage your network, with high visibility and automation, eliminating the need for continual maintenance.



WHO ARE WE? offers Telco-Grade SD-WAN technology solutions so that businesses and organizations can enjoy seamless network connectivity. By combining security with network functionality in the cloud, we achieve operational simplicity for applications, ensuring that no amount of data can cause traffic. 


The platform is based on proprietary technology recognized by both the Israel Innovation Authority and the BIRD Foundation, a bilateral US-Israel partnership that fosters the development of advanced technology for the US Department of Homeland Security.


SD-WANs: ideal for cloud scalability and network flexibility

Traditional networks simply don’t fit modern use. MPLS circuits were reliable and offered high quality, but they were slow, expensive, and required expensive hardware in each physical location that needed connecting. 

Today, enterprises have any number of SaaS-based applications running on the cloud at all times. There is a LOT of traffic, and without operational simplicity, bandwidth suffers.

This is why Software-defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) are crucial. 

SD-WANs support applications that are hosted in many locations, and work by separating network services from the applications themselves. This allows locations to connect to each other while retaining the specific network service they each need. The results are lower costs, more agility, and overall scalability. 

Not all SD-WANs are created equal;

Seamless connectivity and security should go hand in hand

Cloud orchestration has definitely changed network capabilities for the modern enterprise. Acting as a cloud orchestrator, an SD-WAN lets us understand all the endpoints of a network. It’s an application-aware way to pass traffic, and uses software instead of hardware routers. 

Large organizations and single users alike can now connect branches, headquarters and data centers by coming onto a single cloud.

But for many companies in search of a SD-WAN solution, apprehension over security threats has caused prices to skyrocket. Centralized orchestration for all your networking needs.’s SD-WAN implementation simplifies the deployment, management and maintenance of your applications by replacing expensive, complex and rigid private networks with the latest architecture. The result is seamless, secure and simple network connectivity.


Our platform is designed to transform broadcasters’ SDI-based operations to an IP-based infrastructure. The process is comprehensive, and includes acquisition, transmission, routing, distribution, and management. 

Because different businesses require different kinds of performance, also enables users to scale connectivity decisions according to their specific needs.







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